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antenna tuners

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Subject: antenna tuners
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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 97 23:55:01 PST
Don't know the original question, but as far as using coax as a cap. , been 
doing it for
years. Different types have different cap/foot and also voltage ratings. For 
I run an inverted L on 80, fed at bottom with a parralle LC circuit. ( coil 
tapped from the
bottom, antenna attaches to the top along with center lead of coax. ( coil is 
grounded at
bottom, and shield is rounded....simple matter to bring to 1:1 in a few mins by 
varying the
tap and cap ( snipping it off )....I use a regular PL-259....stop about 30 khz 
short of where
you want to be in freq and then peel back the shield on the end. Tape it good 
and away you
go. Nice thing about this setup is you can use a different length of coax and 
return the
antenna to different parts of the band.

73, Ed
Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 1/13/97
Time: 11:55:01 PM

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