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Hardline Connectors

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Subject: Hardline Connectors
From: (Jan & Del Seay)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 18:09:13 -0800
Joe Humet wrote:
> Hi There
>         I am looking for some hardline end connectors for 1" CATV cable.
> Dose anyone know of a place were I can buy some, new or used.
>                         Thanks
>                         Joe K2DS  (ex WA2UKP)

Hi Joe: I'm not sure they even make the connectors you seek, because
in the CATV service, the coax enters the amplifiers, splitters, etc
directly and are anchored by set-screws. I assume what you have is
aluminum cable. You can make the fittings from "Sweat-Copper" or
brass water fittings. Of course, the bi-metallic problems must be
dealt with.
Good luck.  73, KL7HF

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