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"Amp-Talk" reflector?

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Subject: "Amp-Talk" reflector?
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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 97 14:16:58 PST
Jim, when I built my first ssb amp ( in 1956 for heaven's sake ) ( 4 6AG7s in 
GG and I ran
300 watts input with that sucker ) the article called for the use of the next 
higher band ...op on 20, use a 15 coil and add capacity to ensure it will pull 
the coil down
to resonance...I strongly suspect your amp might do 18Mhz in the 15 position, 
and 24 on 10
is almost a certainty. All you do when using this method is increase the Q of 
the tank circuit
which results in the necessity of retuning more often. Other than that, I 
modified a SB220
by just putting in padding caps.

Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 1/15/97
Time: 2:16:58 PM

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