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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 11:05:18 -0800
OK, One last time, especially since it was cloudy last night and I could not 
see the North star anyway.

Mr. Tony Brock-Fisher, I don't know you at all. I don't know if you write a lot 
on the 'net or not, but it is quite obvious that you spent a lot of time in 
writing your e-mail. You did a lot of work in defending your XA and you appear 
to be quite sensitive in this regard.

You make assumptions on our marketing strategy and you are not a part of the 
company; therefore, you do not know. What you can know, however, is that our 
specifications are accurate. No other company does that.

If we find an error, we correct it and in regards to our compact loops, it 
out we were too conservative in their actual efficiency, so the '97 brochure 
will reflect this and a few typos, too.

In regards to the specific antenna you address, the C-3, it is very simple:
        The C-3 is exactly what it says it is.
        It has the forward gain and pattern it says it has.

The underlying problem is believing the published gain figures for your XA 
antenna. That is working from a basis that is impossible. Why don't you 
challenge them? Do actual vertical track measurements and see if you can get 
those numbers! The easier way is modeling and making some pracitical 
on Q's.

Actually, I believe I made this same challenge to you some time ago via Natan. 
Looking back on it, your e-mail this time seems to be the same stuff as last 

Back to work...
                73, Tom, N6BT
                Force 12 Antennas and Systems

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