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Subject: Fwd: C-3 Info
From: (Jerry NO2T)
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 23:57:32 -0500
Hold it. YOur comments on the reflector have driven me away from considering 
any force12 antennas for myself or any other hams in the Northern New Jersey 
area that ask me for advice.
        First of all. I have read your ads and you quote users rather than 
actual comparisons. 
        Second: If you or anybody else try to give me an argument that a small 
element contributes to the gain and pattern of the main antenna I will just 
junk the statement. There are a lot of us that were not born yesterday. So when 
crazy statements about other elements have "current" in them are presented, the 
question asked is " how much" and at what "phase angle".
        Tony Brock's statements are valid and based on physical realities. 
        73 de NO2T - Jerry ( a very satisfied KT34XA user as well as others)end
NO2T Jerry

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