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Hy-Gain TH-11DX beam: opinions summary

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Subject: Hy-Gain TH-11DX beam: opinions summary
From: (Morel Grunberg)
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 15:08:51 +0200
  Two weeks ago I sent a request on few relevant reflectors asking for 
opinions on Hy-Gain TH-11DX beam. Till now I received 84 answers 
from United States ( 74 ), Europe ( 4 ) Asia ( 4 ) and Africa (2).
   I was quite surprised about the very favorable opinions from the 
people who taked the time to answer. Actually, 82 were very satisfied
with the antenna and warmly recommended to buy one. 
   This is a brief summary of the answers:

   This beam was described like a real winner and a very good and
effective solution for those who need a 5-bands beam with reasonable
gain, F/B and good SWR. Here are the opinions:
* 72 declared their satisfaction on general radiation performance and 
  traffic results while only four are not so happy with the Front to

* 55 were very satisfied by the good SWR over the 5 bands and only 
  four reported SWR problems as result of bad assembly work,
  improper guywires and insufficient tower height.

* 60 declared their satisfaction over the ruggedness and mechanical
  construction quality.

* 19 favorably compare the TH-11DX electrical, radiation and mechanical 
  performance to previous owned antennas from other manufacturers with
  similar or better figures claimed in the technical specifications.

* 12 were delighted to see the new powerful balun and hi-power antenna
  capability. 5 of them beleive that the general lower noise and statics
  due to   direct grounding of the balun and to the DC coil connected to
  the BN-4000.  

* 68 were satisfied with the antenna but experienced difficulties in the
  assembly process ( with understanding that such large and complicated
  antenna needs extensive assembly and installation works ).

 Low points:

  It was interesting to see that almost all the criticism was
on the assembly concept and instruction manual.

* 56 would clearly prefer colour, numbering or any other markings for
  and faster identification of the large number of components.

* 48 were quite exhausted trying to ensure that the elements are
  on   the boom perfectly parallel and they are feeling that some kind
  pre-drilling   of the element to boom brackets and of the boom, will
  reduce the time and the efforts to messure the inter element  spacing
  exhaustive alignement and paralleling procedure. 20 of them do not 
  understand how an antenna of this class doesn't have such facility.

* 36 would prefer an improved graphic presentation and assembly manual 
  while 23 clearly stated that simplified drawings of the components, 
  component check-list and assembly steps check-list, will greatly
  the human enginering. 14 would prefere some simple drawings on 
  installation tips issues. Also, 10 people are feeling that
  for use of some materials should be more specific ( like the RTV and 
  protective paints ) while 8 expressed their prefference for an
optional kit
  for coastal installations with improved hardware quality.

* 9 peoples feel they want stronger and heavier pigtail wires.

* 5 are willing to see the antenna radiation lobes for the installation
  recommendations from the manual.


  Morel, 4X1AD          

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