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"Amp-Talk" reflector?

To: <>
Subject: "Amp-Talk" reflector?
From: (Del Seay)
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 06:25:22 -0800
You make a good point, Ed. I agree that a proper Q is appropriate,
and should be done. Actually, I would like to see more use of
bandpass filters on amps, but the cost and size of the high power
components make it unrealistic for most amps. I've looked at my amp's
output and the IMD products are far below the requirements. The third
harmonic is higher than I would like, but after filtering, it is far
enuff down to be acceptable. So - it can be done, with some care!
See ya'  de KL7HF wrote:
> Well Del, when it comes to generating "spurs", keep in mind that LP filters 
> generally kick
> in around 50 Mhz. I know coil overheating can be a problem, but not in SSB or 
> CW service.
> How about we compromise and retap the original coil midway?
> Ed

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