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Detune a commercial 450 vertical?

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Subject: Detune a commercial 450 vertical?
From: (Vince Greczanik)
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 13:22:09 -0800
Hello All,

I am in the process of putting together a 440 repeater and I was =
wondering if anyone has had any experience detuning a commercial band =
antenna for the ham bands.  I was considering using (although don't =
actually have) something along the lines of a used Celwave PD-201 (about =
8' long, 5dbd gain, collinear style). =20

A friend mentioned some success with aluminum tape attached to the =
radome at the phase connections to add capacitance and shift resonance.  =
The tape was then painted for protection from peeling, etc.  Any other =

Once the questions about the antenna are resolved I am looking for input =
regarding antenna position on a 250' cel (PCS) tower.  It looks as =
though the tower owner will give us access to the platform - so =
questions like mounting distance from a 15' lightning rod for the best =
protection and least amount of radiation pattern influence come up.  I'm =
also wondering what type of lightning protection should be used on the =
ground before the cable enters the equipment.


P.S.  I have enjoyed the tone of this group.  I have noticed (for the =
most part) an attitude of respect for one another's opinions.  I think =
it is what makes Amateur Radio such a great hobby.   BTW, I have also =
noticed that most of the threads are on low band topics. I hope I'm not =
committing a crime by posting a UHF question.=20

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