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TS-870 Ques.

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Subject: TS-870 Ques.
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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 13:06:28 -0800
Saw the interesting info regarding the TS-850 separate receive antenna and it 
looks like a great solution to that problem. Lot of good ideas.
        So, off to work on the 850.

Now, the TS-870...maybe you folks have the solution:
have already received some chip resistors from Kenwood to reduce the gain of 2 
or 3 of the IF stages for its front end overload / intermod situation. I then 
heard of another field mod (not from Kenwood) to install a roofing filter 
between two of the IF stages. I believe it was actually a Yaesu filter that was 

Anyone know about this? Once I dig in it to install the chip resistors, I might 
as well do the filter.

Thanks - now if I could actually see the chip resistors.....
        73, Tom, N6BT

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