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Insurance Coverage for Towers,etc.

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Subject: Insurance Coverage for Towers,etc.
From: (Tim Hayes)
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 19:33:15 cst
Fellow Towertalkians:

Your tower and antenna may or may not be covered by your Homeowners
insurance policy, but it depends on a number of things, mostly depending
on what state you live in, the insurance company with which you are
insured, and the policy form that that company uses. This may sound
confusing (and it is), but there are many different policy forms in
existence (Texas is different than all other 49 states). All states
except Texas use policy forms written by an organization named Insurance
Services Office in New York (otherwise known as ISO). ISO has published
various homeowners policies over the years and companies adopt the form
they wish to use, and file it with the Dept. of Insurance in each state
in which they do business.

A company is allowed to "throw in" additional coverages if they wish, and
some may cover towers and antennas at no additional charge. Most will add
an endorsement to your policy for a fairly reasonable premium. In Texas,
the homeowners policy excludes damage to radio and television towers,
outside satellite dishes, masts and antennas, including feedlines caused
by windstorm, hurricaine or hail. Damage by fire, smoke or explosion is

This isn't meant to be a course on insurance, but just a word of caution
that your coverage may be totally different from your neighbor's just by
having a different company. A homeowners policy is like buying a car,
some things are standard, some things are options, but it all depends on
the manufacturer.

Be sure to read your homeowners policy, especially the property
exclusions, that is where coverage can be added or taken away. An
insurance policy is simply a legal contract , but like all contracts , it
pays to read it!

Tim Hayes, K5TH

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