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Pole Hardware, Guy Ancbors

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Subject: Pole Hardware, Guy Ancbors
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Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 16:53:04 PST
The book you probably want is the "Lineman=92s Handbook" =

published by McGraw Hill. It is relatively expensive in the $70 dollar =

range, and about 800 pages. It has a lot of interesting information on =

pole hardware and installation standards used by the power utilities.

I think they call the type of guy anchor that you have an "Everstick" =

guy anchor. The way you set that type of anchor is to auger a 12" DIA =

hole in line with the guy wire. With the Anchor disk attached to the =

guy rod, and positioned in the bottom of the hole you take a inertial =

driving tool (essentially a heavy piece of pipe that fits over the guy =

rod) and slide that hard down the guy rod several times until the disk =

is fully expanded. If I remember correctly there are also truck mounted =

machines that set those anchors. =

Brian Kline


> =

>          We, at the Marina Amateur Radio Contest Station have
>benefited greatly again, in inheriting a large amount of power
>company pole equipment.  This was found in an abandoned
>"boneyard" lot, formerly used by the Government run "utility"
>company that used to run the power system at Ft. Ord.  =

>          I have looked at some of the treasure, and find, among other
>things, some odd looking assemblys of metal, that appear to be
>some sort of expandable (in diameter) anchors for attachment to guy
>anchors (also plentiful at the boneyard)  They look a bit like a
>miniature satallite dish, and are approx 12" diameter, and where on
>the dish, there are thin arms supporting the LNA, on these, similar
>arms support a cast metal fitting that has hinged mounts to the
>support arms.  A hole at the center of the "dish" seems to
>accomodate a rod, and it looks like compressive force between the
>4 hinged arms above the dish, and the bottom of the dish, will cause
>the dish (which is segmented) to slide out, creating a much larger
>diameter anchor.  Anyone familiar with these?   How do you expand
>these to a larger diameter, once they are attached to the end of a
>guy anchor, at the bottom of a deep 12" diameter hole?  Know =

>where I can get a Lineman's reference of pole hardware?  We have
>(literally) tons of galvanized hardware, brackets, guy strand, anchor
>fittings,  L shaped lag bolts (BIG ones) for tower anchors, =

>(all kinds), thru bolts, plates for pole attachments, poles, etc.  We
>can use these to improve/rehab our old antenna farm up the hill,
>consisting of 70 ft poles, scattered around the old MARS station. =

>Most are un guyed, and need to be guyed to support a future farm
>of large wire yagis.
>          Another question; Many of the insulators might be used in
>antenna support applications, and I wonder if there are any adverse
>effects of a ceramic insulator designed for 60 Hz power, when used
>around RF?  Are they lossy?  The bell insulators look like a great
>capacitor at RF, with metal fittings bonded either side of the ceramic
>          By the way, any of you visiting the Monterey Peninsula, are
>invited to visit our station... contact me via internet, or check in to
>the local 146.97 repeater (-) split, PL 94.8 to find me or the site. In
>the meantime the rest of the family can enjoy the Aquarium,
>Cannery Row, etc... Once we are better setup with antennas,
>contester/DXer types will be encouragedto use the station for
>See you in the (VK0IR) Pileups...
>73, de Pat, AA6EG
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