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Subject: Insurance
From: (Greg)
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 06:41:05 -0600 (CST)
Here's what I did when I wanted to be insured on the towers, etc.... When
the xyl and I first moved in, I went to the State Farm agent and told her I
had this ham radio station that I wanted to insure....and oh, by the
way...there is a house around it...

She has never forgotten that.  She has been to the house and seen it and the
towers and I have never had a problem with a claim.  By the way...I ALWAYS
try to be absolutely fair with the insurance company when there is a claim.
I don't try to get more than is deserved -- even though that seems to be a
very popular tactic.  It is amazing to me that people who wouldn't dream of
shoplifting from a store think it is OK to steal from an insurance company.
If you aren't fair just as a matter of personal ethics, then at least
understand that rates depend on claims -- so don't make rates go up by
exaggerating claims.  Some of us who appreciate getting reasonable insurance
for our ham stations don't want to see that disappear because of too many
outlandish claims.  Am I preaching to the choir?  73 de Greg-N4CC

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