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What kind of tower is this?

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Subject: What kind of tower is this?
From: (Jim Leahy)
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 06:56:35 -0500
I purchased a used tower of which I am curious of the manufacturer. It came
in 4 bolt-together sections (10 feet ea.) with the top section coming to a
point with an 18" sleeve inside the point (2" ID I think) and a flange
around the top of the sleeve. The tower is a rather heavy 1 1/2" tubular
design. The cross arms are a single tube welded across the legs every 12".
No zig-zag cross arms. I've seen these towers being used in my travels. I'm
wondering what I could use for a thrust bearing as there are no bolt holes
in the flange for mounting a bearing. I'd like to stack a TA33 w/40m and a
A3WS w/30 on top with a Ham IV mounted inside the tower about 5 feet. Total
load would be about 270-300 lbs. Wondering if it would stand up.
Considering only going up 30' to help with stability. Somewhat windy up on
this hill. Any ideas on this model? Thanks!

Jim Leahy  K2JL

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