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Telrex v. DX Engineering

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Subject: Telrex v. DX Engineering
From: (Paul Christensen)
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 15:09:13 -0500
I have the opportunity to purchase two used antennas that are both young
and in excellent physical condition.  They're both full-size three-elements
on 46-foot booms.  The Telrex is a 40M346 and the other is the comparable
yagi from DX Engineering.  I don't recall what the model is.  Does anyone
have experience with either model?  I've always admired the Telrex line of
antennas and I'm leaning in that direction, but I understand that the
company folded a few years ago.  Obtaining replacement parts concerns me. 
A few questions for the experts:

1) Is there structural or mechanical superiority with either antenna?

2) Is on-air performance comparable in the areas of gain, F/B-ratio,
F/S-ratio, pattern cleanliness, etc.?

3) I have been debating on whether to install a fixed, guyed Rohn 55 or 65
or go with a Tri-Ex Skyneedle.  I see a definite structural v.
ease-of-maintenance tradeoff here.  In either case, I'm planning on
top-loading a 100-foot Rohn 65 tower with the yagi for 160 meters.  Any
particular concerns here?  If I go the guyed route, is fiber-stran from
Phillystran better than using E.H.S-steel strand and breaking it up with

4) I know I'll need a real-man's rotator for this and a Chromoloy mast. 
Any suggestions for the rotor?

5) Anything else of interest you would care to share and discuss?



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