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CBer Overload

To: <>
Subject: CBer Overload
From: (rhill)
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 15:53:17 -0500
Hi All,

Yesterday a neighbor, who lives across the
street put up a CB verticle and began transmitting.  Bad enought I am
going to have to buy a high pass filter because of the severe TVI
distortion on my cable channel 2, worst is the fact that when he
transmits he wipes out completely 20-12 meters audio on my ic765. On 40
meters weak signals are blanked out. Does this sound like maybe he is
running illegal power? Is there a suggestion I can make to the neighbor?
My question is what can I do?  I know on field
day and dx-pedtions this problem must be resolved somehow with multiple
antennas and power,perhaps there is something I can do to my coax?.  I
have a Quad on a tower and an R7 verticle in my yard, I have station and
tower grounded, and I use a low-pass filter. I also have an icom amp and
feel that if I transmit the same would happen to his receiving on 11
meters? Everyone around can see my towers and antennas; however, this
neighbor has a huge tree in front of his house and his CB verticle is
concealed.  I am waiting for the neighbors to come down on me thinking
it is me disrupting their tv's.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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