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Telrex v. DX Engineering

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Subject: Telrex v. DX Engineering
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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 20:25:37 -0500
In a message dated 97-01-19 15:25:00 EST, (Paul Christensen)
>1) Is there structural or mechanical superiority with either antenna?

Hi, Paul --

     In 25 words or less, huh?  You're covering lots of ground here but...

     The Telrex always got high marks for ruggedness and DXE antennas were
not quite as robust.
>2) Is on-air performance comparable in the areas of gain, F/B-ratio,
>F/S-ratio, pattern cleanliness, etc.?
      Locals KD7P and N7LTF have basically used the DXE hardware and totally
reworked the dimensions.  I'd model both of them; you  couldn't ask for
anything easier or more conclusive than comparing a couple of monobanders.

>3) I have been debating on whether to install a fixed, guyed Rohn 55 or 65
>or go with a Tri-Ex Skyneedle.  I see a definite structural v.
>ease-of-maintenance tradeoff here.  In either case, I'm planning on
>top-loading a 100-foot Rohn 65 tower with the yagi for 160 meters.  Any
>particular concerns here?  If I go the guyed route, is fiber-stran from
>Phillystran better than using E.H.S-steel strand and breaking it up with

     What about a cost tradeoff (apparently no big deal)?  The biggest
amateur antennas are pretty compatible.  Rohn 65 is QUITE a bit bigger, more
expensive and takes more rigging (each section weighs 290 pounds and is 20
feet long) and is probably overkill.
One hundred feet of 55G is rated at 24 sq.ft @ 90 MPH.

     Regarding the Phillystran, better than what?  There are cost and
performance tradeoffs.  If cost isn't a factor, the Phillystran is easy to
install and eliminates any potential interaction.  

    What county are you in?
>4) I know I'll need a real-man's rotator for this and a Chromoloy mast. 
>Any suggestions for the rotor?

     A prop pitch; nothing else comes close.
>5) Anything else of interest you would care to share and discuss?
     Send me your postal address and I'll send you a copy of my free guide,
"The Ten Most Common Tower Building Mistakes".

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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