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Seeking information: Triasto Tower

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Subject: Seeking information: Triasto Tower
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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 14:11 -0500 (EST)
     G'Day to all readers of Towertalk,
     I have recently been given a "Triasto" brand tower, and am seeking 
     more information on it. It was a donation from the wife of a ham in 
     California to our mission organization. I expressed interest in the 
     tower, and it was given to me.
     According to the information I have it is a: "Triasto, telescoping, 3 
     sectional, 55 foot tower with tilt over hinged base. #CLT100 or 
     #CLT371. It was purchased new in 1984, for about US$ 1600." 
     Does anybody know anything about the Triasto company? Is it still a 
     going concern? Was it purchased and incorporated by another company? 
     Any contact information? Any information would be appreciated. I have 
     looked in the various US ham journals and magazines (last 5 years) 
     that I have access to here in PNG, but have not seen an advertisement 
     for this company, nor does the name sound familiar.
     I have seen the tower briefly, collapsed and being prepared for 
     overseas shipment. It appears to be about 16 inches across a side on 
     the lower section, 10 inches across the top section. No ID plate with 
     Brand, Model Number, Serial Number, or anything found on the tower. I 
     have information from TRI-EX Tower Corp. and was thinking I would try 
     to use their information for their LM-354 crank up tower as I thought 
     the towers might be similar. But I am not sure if this thinking is 
     good or not.
     The tower is now in country and should arrive at my house in the next 
     week or so. I would like information on it before I do anything rash 
     or foolish.
     Any help would be appreciated.
     Norm Beasley, P29NB/KO4CB
     Ukarumpa, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
     FAX: (Int'l) (675) 640-4400

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