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Antenna modeling software

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Subject: Antenna modeling software
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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:20 -0500 (EST)
     Read with interest your comments below. I am not a very technical 
     person, and have only played with the W7EL(?)s EZNEC recently. With 
     what I know and have played with it is a good program, but I am still 
     learning it.
     What really caught my eye was your comment about the parasitic vs. 2 
     element driven delta loop. I used a 40 meter version from here, 2 full 
     wave delta loops, spaced 17 feet apart, with the loops fed 180 degrees 
     out of phase (ZL Special). I pointed it about 45 degrees to favor the 
     US and had a ball on 40. The friend that helped in the design of it 
     was recently killed in a small plane accident, so I can't ask him. As 
     I recall, he felt that the out of phase feeding was a better system 
     than a driven element with a parasitic reflector. Pete was an RF 
     Engineer, worked with the US Navy and then worked for 
     Motorola/Australia. He could talk in circles over my head, but 
     normally brought it down to my level.
     I used the 40 meter array for about a year, then had to move houses on 
     our mission compound. It was large and unwieldy, but could be rotated 
     in a sense (several hours to pull up the anchor ropes, move 
     everything, rearrange the loops and then re-stake it to the ground.) 
     We are now back from furlough in the USA and have a tower coming, to 
     plant in our own yard. I am planning on building my farm around the 
     tower, but haven't come to any conclusions about what I want for 
     antennas for the lower bands yet.
     Well, I've waffled on long enough. Hope this is of some interest to 
     Norm Beasley, P29NB/KO4CB
     Ukarumpa, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
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Subject: Antenna modeling software
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To: <>
Date:    16-01-97 8:29 AM
Since I didn't receive any responses to my query on gain differences
 between parasitic vs. driven 2 element delta loop arrays, maybe 
 someone can recommend some good software that I can purchase to do 
 this on my own.  Any recommendations?
Darrell WB6ADZ
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