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CBer Overload

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Subject: CBer Overload
From: (Del Seay)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 05:50:07 -0800 wrote:
> Sounds more like he's running a spark gap....
> I would develop a friendly relationship just to see what he is using, and 
> then turn him in to
> the FCC.
> Sounds like the ant might be in his front yard....Have you ever been exposed 
> to the fine
> art of coax pinning?
> Ed
> -------------------------------------
> Name: Ed Sleight

I'll not talk about the chance of being jailed for "Coax-Pinning", just 
the interference.
I think it's great that some of us get a taste of what our neighbors
go through, dealing with high-powered ham stations next door.
Modern radios (even those from JA) should not be that badly affected
by high levels of rf. I suggest the problem is in the shack, and
should be dealt with there, not with the cb-er. He may be running
high power, but that is a seperate issue. 
First, clean up all the wiring in the shack, assure a good ground and
if that doesn't help, then he should drag out (or borrow) some test
equipment and start looking for the source. May be nothing but some
rectification.   de KL7HF

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