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Subject: Fwd: Hy-Gain DX-77
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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 97 20:54:57
On Mon, 20 Jan 1997 19:55:39 -0500 (EST), wrote:

>HY-GAIN DX-77 USERS PLEASE RESPOND!   How would you rate the performance of
>the antenna?  How does it work compared to base loaded multi-band verticals
>in gain and SWR bandwidth?  Will it self destruct at legal power? Would you
>buy one again or go with something else?    Thanks, Dick-K9OM, 

I don't know about the DX-77, but if you can live with 80/40/20 only, I would 
consider the MFJ-1793, 
which is top-loaded on 80, full size on 40, and full size on 20. It is a 
traditional 1/4 wave vertical and, as 
such, requires either ground-mounted or elevated radials. With a good ground 
system installed, it is 
a terrific performer, with very little compromise on 80 due to the top loading, 
which is the most efficient 
variety. Being full-size on both 40 and 20, there is no compromise at all on 
those bands and the 
radiator for 20 is physically separate, so there are no traps. It will 
definitely not self-destruct at legal 
power. I am generally not a fan of MFJ equipment, especially their antenna 
tuners, but they have 
gotten this antenna right and, IMHO, it is a good value for the money (about 

Rolfe,  W1VC

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