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Oops HD hit the dust

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Subject: Oops HD hit the dust
From: (David A. Yanke)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 03:15:08 -0600
> My Seagate ST31640A bit the dust today. 
> <snip-snip>
> My question is can this critical data be pulled off and then the drive 
> shipped to Seagate.
> If you know place around Atlanta, would appreciate info.
How critical is two weeks worth of data to you?? Data recovery of 
this type starts at around $2 a meg and genraly runs $4 + a meg, for 
the size of the drive, not whats recovered.

Try to see if you can talk with one of the techs at Seagate, but if 
they're anything like Conner, you won't get very far.


David Yanke

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