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From: (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 21:17:05 -0800 (PST)
>I have a new 80' crankup that will be wearing beams come spring.  I have
>(but haven't installed) feedline standoff arms for the tower.  My
>concern is that if I just dress the coax and rotor lines through these
>standoffs, 55' of cable will end up buried under the snow and ice during
>the winter if the tower is in the 'crankdown' position!  I can't find
>anything in the Handbook et al addressing this problem.
>Any ideas or suggestions?
>73 de Bob, W1CKT

Hi Bob,

Usually, when crankup coax arms are used, the cables are bundled together
with tiewraps or electrical tape every couple of feet or so and attached
firmly to the coax arms.  The cables will hang straight and parallel with
the tower when it is fully extended.  When it is cranked down, the cables
form loops that hang down beside the tower and, since each loop only
contains a total of 20 feet of cable and both ends of each loop are at least
20 feet off the ground, the bottoms of the loops are at least 10 feet off
the ground.  The snow will have to be REALLY deep to cover the loops of
cable hanging on your tower.


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