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Hy-Gain DX-77

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Subject: Hy-Gain DX-77
From: (Kris Mraz, N5KM)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 09:40:36 -0600
I had one fail in a fairly mild wind condition (35 mph).
The lower insulator on the "C" bracket broke. The
engineers at Hy-Gain were surprised that it failed
at such a low wind speed. They replaced it free even
though it was well out of warranty. I offered to send
the failed insulator for their analysis but they declined
the offer.

I used this as a very temporary antenna while my tower
was under construction. I used two 1/4 wave radials per
band bundled together and laid on the ground opposite
each other. I was continually amazed at the pileups I
was able to bust with just 100w and the vertical. Of
course, I didn't have any other antenna to compare it
to so caveat emptor.

Kris N5KM

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