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Motor on crankup + cold = ??

To: <>
Subject: Motor on crankup + cold = ??
From: (Jeff Janock - AJ2U)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 16:08:45 +0000
Hello -

I have to lower my tower (71'ft tristao), but the motor
appears to have frozen up.  I took out the fuse on the
control box and it was blown.  Is it simply cold causing
this and I should try some form of heating the crankcase
(with lights/hairdryer other???)?

I have been putting together some info on my installation
and will be making that available.  Now am focused on 
ensure the neighbors are all appeased due to some rfi/tvi
issues...  turns out some of my spurious emissions are not
down far enough.  rig is ts940 and 10m is a mess!  Found out
my low pass filter (old b&w) was doing NOTHING to help.

recommendations for low-pass filters?

Have a great day!

  -jeff, AJ2U (ex-N2MZH)


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