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CBer Overload

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Subject: CBer Overload
From: (Dick Bodine)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 11:10:34 -0500
rhill wrote:
> Hi Again,
> Wow! What alot of great tips. They keep coming in.  I will post a
> summary with results at a later date.  Things are not looking so bleak
> as I have talked with neighbors and the CBer and he wants to cooperate
> to make sure is signal is clean.  He is on his way today to buy a low
> pass filter for starters.
> Bob N8WFL

Hi Bob,

I am really glad you decided to talk to the individual.  I have been
following this thread now and am appalled at some of the suggestions you
received.  I hope they were "tongue in cheek."  From pinning the coax to
a low output jammer.  What next... *looking for the men in the white
hoods*.  Apparently there is still some disdain towards the "lowly"
CBer.  Yes we lost 11 meters to that service years ago... it's past
history...let it go guys!!!  There is room for both.  *climbing down
from the soapbox.. donning the fireproof suit*

73.. Dick
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