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From: (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:36:10 -0500
I've had similar problems with a 13 KV line in front of my house.
I suggest using two methods to pinpoint the source:

1. 135MHz (VHF) AM detecting radio and small yagi - 3 or more
elements. This is very directional but doesn't correlate
well with noise at HF. There was a QST article some years back.

2. 20 Meter QRP rig with handheld shielded magnetic loop. Not very
sensitive, but the loop has a directional null which can be used
to locate sources, and the results correlate well with the Home

In my case, the very coorperative power company replaced EVERYTHING
on the pole infront of my house - including the POLE and the transformer.
No Joy - the noise was still there. At least it was until the first
freeze of the fall that year. I noticed a piece of a bell insulator
on the street as I was walking in the morning. Called the power company,
they replaced the broken insulator. No more noise! We were close - only
1 pole off!!

-Tony, K1KP,

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