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How to get estimates for old damaged gear?

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Subject: How to get estimates for old damaged gear?
From: alsopb@VANCE.NET (alsopb@VANCE.NET)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 14:35:48 -0500

I need some help in dealing with UPS.   I shipped a Dentrol MLA-2500B
amplifier.  UPS damaged it.  Of course they are denying responsiblity.
That aside. they want some proof of its worth.  The unit was bought so
long ago that I have no records.  Dentron is of course kaput.


Is there some kind of blue book or organization that would be able to
supply an estimate?  I've scoured recent used gear listings from the
dealers and not found a MLA-2500b listed yet.

The other suggestion was to get an estimate of repair.  Great,  it's
there, I'm here and the repair shop I know which could do it is also

I'd appreciate any helpful advice you may have.

73 es Thanks.


Vance Net Inc
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