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Too much RF in house from new antenna!

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Subject: Too much RF in house from new antenna!
From: (Jeff Singer)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 21:45:06 +0000
Hi all - 
For the first time in many years, I am having a tremendous RF problem,
the result of my new installation.

This past weekend I installed a new 80m full-wave delta loop near the
house. It works well - in fact, I am getting roughly 15-20db gain over
my GAP Voyager which is abt 200 feet from the house! It was worth the
effort to spend most of the day outside, although the temps never got
over 15 F.

Unfortunately, there is SO MUCH RF in and around the shack that I can't
actually use the thing without first disconnecting everything. Mostly
phone lines, 12v lamps, etc. I think I can actually SMELL the ozone when
I operate CW! Not so great. Perhaps someone out there can help me figure
this out. 

The facts are:

-270' long, give or take, NOT totally equilateral, but not THAT far off.
-Resonance is at 3975 khz (which was design point).
-Bottom corner fed (35 feet from house, 16' high)with roughly 50 plus
feet of 450ohm ladder line to  4:1 balun to same amount of coax into
shack, into Dentron DTR-3KA  tuner.
-Apex is at 72' mounted at top of tower.

Is this just a matter of too much RF too close to the house? or am I
missing something, and if so, how can I tame the beast?

I once had a small sloper near the house and it did the same thing on
80m and that's why I have the GAP. My 40m4 at 72' doesn't bother
anything. Any help or useful ideas would surely be appreciated.


73 de Jeff K2KV
formerly WA2SYN

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