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correction - towers & insurance

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Subject: correction - towers & insurance
From: (Leikhim, Joe)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 19:06:15 -0500
> I called my local agency (Liberty Mutual in Brattleboro, VT) and 
>asked a simple question about my auto policy: If I rent a 24' U-haul 
>van, is it covered under my policy as a rental vehicle? Here's how it 
> Agent: "Sure, rentals are covered."
> Me: "Trucks? Are you sure?"
> Agent: "I'm pretty sure. I think so. It should be."
> Me: "Could you find out for certain, please?"
> Agent: "I guess I could call the main office."
> Me: "Good idea. If the answer you get is that I am covered, I want you 
>to write me a letter on company letterhead stating that I am covered 
>for use of this rental van." 
>Agent: "You want it in writing? You want a written letter?" 
>[Incredulity in voice]
> Me: "Yes, please."
> Agent: "You want me to send you a letter saying that you're covered?"
> [Resentment that I would ask her to perform a service]
> Me: "You betcha."

I am saving this post. What a good lesson for all. I have run into 
similar circumstances with public officials. You cannot rely on anyones 
verbal opinion these days.

Joe Leikhim

"tv dinner by the pool, 
i'm so glad i finished school" -F.Zappa 1967

"The Revolution will NOT be televised" -Gil Scott Heron

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