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CBer Overload

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Subject: CBer Overload
From: (William Till)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 21:05:42 -0700
>> Sounds more like he's running a spark gap....

>> art of coax pinning?

>I think it's great that some of us get a taste of what our neighbors
>go through, dealing with high-powered ham stations next door.
>Modern radios (even those from JA) should not be that badly affected
>by high levels of rf. I suggest the problem is in the shack, and
>should be dealt with there, not with the cb-er. He may be running
>high power, but that is a seperate issue. 
>First, clean up all the wiring in the shack, assure a good ground and
>if that doesn't help, then he should drag out (or borrow) some test
>equipment and start looking for the source. May be nothing but some
>rectification.   de KL7HF

A further consideration in addition to the above.

Some years ago, when I was working in an electronics shop, a CBer brought
his xcvr in for some work and I was the lucky one who was elected to do the
job. This person lived in an apartment block  with about 20 other tenants
and they all complained about TVI from this CB set, so I went through it
carefully and found the bandpass filtering and the PA tuning had been
tweaked badly out of line. He had been into the set and using a RadShack
VSWR meter, had tweaked everything to give him max needle deflection on the
VSWR meter. Of course, hams know that your ordinary VSWR meter responds with
more needle deflection as the frequency of the RF goes up. Thus he was
tuning for maximum harmonic production and minimum harmonic attenuation.

After I had realigned his rig (it showed considerably less VSWR needle
deflection), there were no more TVI complaints until he got back into the
thing some weeks later. He also came to the shop and chewed me out for
"cutting back the output of his CB". Luckily, he wasn't running a "boot" or
he would have wiped out more than the TVs in his own building.

Most of the more obnoxious CBers that I have met have a similar extensive
understanding of radio, unfortunately. They also refuse to learn more,
because they know everything already. On the other hand, there are many
CBers that we hams can learn a lot from when it comes to public service and
assistance to their fellow man.

73 to all,

Bill - VE5FN

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