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correction - towers & insurance

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Subject: correction - towers & insurance
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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 02:28:45 -0500 (EST)
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<< Remember, the person answering your questions at an insurance agency gets
 paid the same amount of money per hour regardless of whether they answer
 your questions accurately or not. Increasing their knowledge of your policy
 does not increase their pay. So, in fact, they have no motivation to learn
 anything about what is or is not covered. And, after all, it's your loss,
 not theirs.

Rob my boy...

I just can't let this go unanswered.  One of the things that amazes me about
these reflectors is that people can write such impressive text and just have
ABSOLUTELY NO FREAKING CLUE about what they're talking about.  You present a
sterling example.

1. I don't get paid by the hour.  I get paid commission on new business
written and RENEWALS for home and auto insurance.  RENEWALS arise from
clients who are HAPPY with the service they have been provided...either
arising from a claim or appropriately answered questions.  Using your
example, if I client calls me and asks about a trailer and I tell him it's
covered and it later turns out not to you really think he'll be back
next year at renewal time...I think not.

2. Let's go even further.  With a few keystrokes, you've branded an entire
industry as a group of ignorant, money-grubbing fools.  But, hey, why stop
with insurance?    What about the medical profession?  Just like us insurance
folk, they get paid the same amount whether they answer your questions or
not, right?  They have no motivation to improve their skills or even to
provide enough care to save your life, right?  If you die, it's your loss,
not theirs, RIGHT, ROB?  Apparently, you've never heard of the Personal
Injury Bar, Errors and Omissions Insurance or Malpractice Cases.  Because
they happen all the time and every year, my E and O Insurance gets more
expensive...and it's not because people are filing fewer lawsuits.  I have
friends who are medical professionals and they would tell you the same story.

3. Rob, I'm sure the scenario you related concerning your agent and the
rental trailer goes on every day.  After that exchange, I would have asked
that guy if he could recommend a GOOD insurance agent...'cause I'd be in the
market for one.  It's just painfully simple, you only get the service you are
willing to accept.  I'm appalled at some of the examples I've heard of here
on the Reflector in the last week or so...but I still believe that most
agents and their staff people are good, honest folk who want to help their
clients because it's the right thing to do and it keeps those renewals
a-coming.  That's a win-win situation and as Martha's a good thing.

I certainly feel better now...thanks for the bandwidth.

Anybody know how to kills wasps on my tower   :-)


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