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Cushcraft it ain't - Help

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Subject: Cushcraft it ain't - Help
From: (Doug Hall)
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 07:47:05 -0500
>> The 40 meter 2-element beam I have has got very large traps made out of air 
>> coils with a plastic boots over the coils with end boots.  The plastic boots 
>> are black and about 3 inches in diameter.  There were no "crosses" that came 
>> with the unit to provide a capacitance hat for the coils as per the 
>> instructions with the 402CD.
>Years ago Mosely made a 2 el 40M beam. This sounds a little like it, 
>but I don't remember much about it; I only worked on it a couple of 
>times. Try giving Mosely a call.

Indeed, it does sound like the Mosely. The 2 element 40m Mosely was a
center-loaded design which used heavy ceramic forms for the coils, covered
with a clear plexiglass cover. Black plastic caps covered each end of the
coil. The elements were mounted on an aluminum support with black phenolic
standoffs about 2 inches long, 6 per element as I recall.

Doug Hall, KF4KL

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