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CB or not CB...That is the question!

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Subject: CB or not CB...That is the question!
From: (Chris R. Burger)
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 13:48:07 +200
My original posting:

>Either hams are a really vindictive lot, or this CB discussion is 
>bringing out the worst in them.
>Are you guys for real?

I've had about a dozen flames on this one.  Interesting, as I don't 
recall ever having earned more than a single flame on any other 
message before.  And even that only happened once or twice.

To answer the questions and aspersions that were cast:

1.  No, that's not what my mother does for a living.

2.  Yes, I am literate.

3.  Yes, we do have CB in South Africa.  In fact, my guess is that CB
    in this country is more lawless than in the US.  I base this on 
    the fact that there is very little enforcement of communications
    law, just as there is very little enforecement of most laws around
I don't think I misunderstood nor underestimated the problem.  That's 
not what I was commenting on.  I was commenting about the suggestions 
that were forthcoming on how to deal with it.  In some cases, they 
were obviously tongue-in-cheek.  In other cases, I'm not so sure.

I can only conclude that, of the two possibilities I suggested, the 
latter must be the truth.

Chris R. Burger

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