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CB or not CB...That is the question!

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Subject: CB or not CB...That is the question!
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Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 08:58:37 -0700
At 01:48 PM 1/24/97 +200, you wrote:
>My original posting:
>>Either hams are a really vindictive lot, or this CB discussion is 
>>bringing out the worst in them.
>>Are you guys for real?
>I've had about a dozen flames on this one.  Interesting, as I don't 
>recall ever having earned more than a single flame on any other 
>message before.  And even that only happened once or twice.
relax...(1) it's an inflammatory  subject; (2) your leg is being pulled; and
(3) the bands are dead, and except for VK0IR, teasing you is the best game
in town. I liked AF2C's comment the best...
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