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Tower Help - So Florida

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Subject: Tower Help - So Florida
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Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 22:56:52 -0500 (EST)
I am located in South Florida (nr Fort Lauderdale), but the area I am
interested in is in Palm Beach Co. and/or Martin Co.'s to the North of me.
 Palm Beach has recently change county ordinances to allow amateur antennae.
 Martin Co. not sure but looks like they are aware of PRB-1 and the
"preemptive" nature of that notice.  In the "County" areas things look
workable, but where I am running into some questions are in the townships.
 Typically there are rules against Satelite Dishes, and "Structures" over
35'.  I am looking for some language or case history to present to these
various zoning boards arguments why Amateur antennae are or should be
exempted from those rules.  

The problems get more specific as I find suitable property, I am seeking
contract wording such that at least in the purchase of the land I don't
inadvertantly agree to some antenna prohabition.  I have engaged an attorney
to assist in the contracts, but he is not an amateur and has no experience in
these issues.

I would appreciate any information that you may have or references that you
may have used in pursuing those laws regarding antennae.  

Norm  W4QQN

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