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Rotor question

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Subject: Rotor question
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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 11:32:25 -0500 (EST)
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>My used antenna rotor bit the dust about a week ago.  I only paid fifty
>dollars for the thing, so I don't think it is worth repairing if it even can
>be.  I don't know what brand it is, but the rotor itself looks exactly like
>the Hy-Gain Modle AR 40 pictured on page 134 of the Winter 96/97 catalog
>from AES.  My controller box is a bit different than pictured, and has the
>wording "CDE Antenna Rotor" on the front panel, and a sticker on the bottom
>that says "Model AR-22R/AR-10".  I have no idea as to the age of the rotor
>or box, but the box is one of those that goes "clunk, clunk, clunk, while
>spinning the antenna".  My thoughts are leaning towards purchasing a new
>rotor and controller.  I am looking at the Hy-Gain CD-45-II Medium duty
>rotor on page 134, or the Yeasu Model G-450XL on page 86.  The thing that
>puzzles me is that there is a hundred dollar difference between the two, and
>the Yeasu is rated at a higher wind load.  For the same money as the Hy-Gain
>CD-45-II, I can buy the Yeasu Model G-800X.  My antennas have about 6 sq.
>ft. total wind load, but we do get some severe winds in Tennessee.  I want
>this to be my last rotor purchase for a long time.  Does anybody out there
>have any experience with the model rotors I am looking at?  Are there other
>brands I should consider?  I am interested in knowing your opinions (both
>positive and negative) on which brand I should consider.  My rotor sits
>inside my tower and I use a 'pillow block' or 'thrust bearing', so there is
>no vertical load on the rotor.  I need to know about availability of parts
>and service for these brands and any experience you may have had in that
>arena.  Is there a difference in the controller boxes, or are they all about
>the same?  
>                                                                Thanks,
>                                                                Scott Prins

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