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CB'ers & RFI

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Subject: CB'ers & RFI
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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 11:34:09 -0500 (EST)
Hi all and thanks for the help,

The CBer has put a low pass filter in line, has grounded his equiptment,
and has even taken down his TV antenna underneath his verticle.  This
has eliminated all the TVI in the neighborhood, as far as I know.  I was
fortunate in that he is very cooperative.  I even gave him several of
last years QST's to have and ponder the idea of perhaps he might even
want to enter into Ham radio (oh no! what if he does and he installs an
alfa?????yekes)HI HI.  Anyway many of the comments were as follows:

1. Best to let the neighbors know first who is causing the tvi etc.
2. Best to talk with the CBer to let him know of the problems from his
3. Tell him about the nature of illegal activity regarding fcc, radio
clubs, arrl, neighbors, fines, etc, and how a clean signal is desired in
the neighborhood.
4. All of the fixes as in my opening paragraph were info given
5. For overload, contact ICE for catalog on filters for my transceiver
6. Try a 1/4 wave stub for my coax, with an inline t measured for 27
megahertz (I am going to try this one, as I still get some bleed over
on  12,15 and 18 meters, though not as much now that he has done some of
the fixing around his CB station). 
7. Always take the high road.
8. Other discussion has been dealt with on the reflector (noise
generators, the ol pin in the coax, etc. none of which I would want to
do, but thanks anyway, I never knew these tricks).

Thanks again,

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