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I used one of these for about 10 years.  They work, but when the wind blows a
little, you have to re-sync them by turning all the way to the stop (each
way) and pushing the lever on the bottom until the light goes out.  I am also
torn between purchasing the Yaesu 1000 and the Tailtwister or just
overhauling my old Ham 2 which is 20 years old.  The biggest difference in
the rotators is that no one except Yaesu services or has parts for their
rotators.  CDE (Hy-Gain now) rotor are supported by service centers that can
repair them or rebuild them.  I had a 2 element quad on the CD44 and it would
turn in the wind, but the indicator still shows ok.  The brake is not really
very good on this rotator, but the next higher price CDE rotator has a good
brake.  With 6 sq ft, it depends on your boom length.  If it is over 10 or 12
feet, you probably need a roator with a good brake.  Texas Towers is about
the most reasonable I have seen on rotators.

Wendell     W5FL

>My used antenna rotor bit the dust about a week ago.  I only paid fifty
>dollars for the thing, so I don't think it is worth repairing if it even can
>be.  I don't know what brand it is, but the rotor itself looks exactly like
>the Hy-Gain Modle AR 40 pictured on page 134 of the Winter 96/97 catalog
>from AES.  My controller box is a bit different than pictured, and has the
>wording "CDE Antenna Rotor" on the front panel, and a sticker on the bottom
>that says "Model AR-22R/AR-10".  I have no idea as to the age of the rotor
>or box, but the box is one of those that goes "clunk, clunk, clunk, while
>spinning the antenna".  My thoughts are leaning towards purchasing a new
>rotor and controller.  I am looking at the Hy-Gain CD-45-II Medium duty
>rotor on page 134, or the Yeasu Model G-450XL on page 86.  The thing that
>puzzles me is that there is a hundred dollar difference between the two, and
>the Yeasu is rated at a higher wind load.  For the same money as the Hy-Gain
>CD-45-II, I can buy the Yeasu Model G-800X.  My antennas have about 6 sq.
>ft. total wind load, but we do get some severe winds in Tennessee.  I want
>this to be my last rotor purchase for a long time.  Does anybody out there
>have any experience with the model rotors I am looking at?  Are there other
>brands I should consider?  I am interested in knowing your opinions (both
>positive and negative) on which brand I should consider.  My rotor sits
>inside my tower and I use a 'pillow block' or 'thrust bearing', so there is
>no vertical load on the rotor.  I need to know about availability of parts
>and service for these brands and any experience you may have had in that
>arena.  Is there a difference in the controller boxes, or are they all about
>the same?  
>                                                                Thanks,
>                                                                Scott Prins

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