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Technology - Ya Gotta Love It!

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Subject: Technology - Ya Gotta Love It!
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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 97 18:17:37 -0500
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*** TREE OR TOWER? -- Wireless technology is on a roll.  Every day 
         more than 31,000 customers join the U.S. cellular phone system, 
         now totaling 38 million people.  But there's an aesthetic price:  
         antenna towers, usually 150 feet tall, are needed to link the 
         devices.  Many zoning boards disapprove of such blights.  What if 
         the antennas looked like trees?  Four companies -- ARCNET of New 
         Jersey, the Larson Company of Arizona, Valmont Industries of 
         Nebraska, and AT&T -- are jointly creating camouflaged antennas.  
         Covered with epoxy-resin bark, the steel pole conceals antennas 
         inside branches.  Average cost:  a thousand dollars a foot.  
         [National Geographic, February]


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