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HD bit the dust...washed out its mouth

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Subject: HD bit the dust...washed out its mouth
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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 97 02:16:39 PST
I want to thank all you guys who responded to my previous post on my HD going 
bad. Well,
thanks to your remarks ( and a special kudos to Scotty ) I bought another of 
the same type,
changed the circuit board from the good one to the bad one, and it took off 
like a bandit.
Got all my data off ( and you can bet your ass there's a backup not two hours 
old ) and
reinstalled boards. It's so easy to do you could probably do it 
blindfolded...take off 5
screws and the cb lifts right off....there's about a 20 pin or so connector 
which mates
the two with the male pins sticking up from the sealed unit. That's it...When 
the board actually aligns itself with the pins...

Couple of comments....

Seagate told me they do not sell parts, nor do they repair HDs. So what I'm 
going to get
is a new one when I ship it tomorrow. They also told me the method some of you 
would not work because the cb had the old drive info ( fat? ) in one of the cb 
that slowed me down until I said, "whoa"...the FATs on the might 
read the FAT
into a chip, but no way is it permanently stored there... Seagate will not sell 
Trouble on the cb was one blown chip....

Which is why today, I ordered 2 Western Digitals. They may not be any better, 
but they
can't be any worse. ( he said )

Tnx again guys

Ed ( master HD technologist )
Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 1/28/97
Time: 2:16:39 AM

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