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Life of phyllistran?

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Subject: Life of phyllistran?
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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:51:10 -0500 (EST)
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> Can anyone tell me the expected life of phyllistran?  5yrs?  10yrs?

Lynn --

     Phillystran consists of a Kevlar fiber core and a PVC jacket.  The
purpose of the jacket is: 1) protect the cable from abrasion during
installation, 2) prevent moisture from wicking into the core and 3) most
importantly, protect the core from UV damage.

    Phillystran has only been manufactured since 1974 so thus far the longest
service life of the product has been 23 years.  No one knows how long it'll
last past that because it hasn't been around long enough.  40-50 years?

      The service life may also be related to the region and environment; the
more UV, heat, wind, etc. may have an impact on how long long it retains its
characteristics.  Some of the oldest Phillystran (with the old jacket
material) is still being used in southern Florida.  In places the jacket has
disappeared and the core is out in the Florida sun.  After 23 years in this
worst case scenario, it still retains 75% of its rated tensile strength.  

     Bottom line?  It'll last a long time and is a worthwhile investment
particularly if you're planning on having a populated tower/antenna system
and want to minimize any potential interaction problems.

73, Steve  K7LXC

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