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Free standing tower ID

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Subject: Free standing tower ID
From: (Ken Anderson)
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 09:50:21 -0800
I recently came by a tower as part of an estate of a local SK but 
I can't identify it.  It's a 2 section galvanized tubular freestanding 
crankup.  Each section is 21' 3" so the extended height is 40 ft.  
The bottom section is 4 1/2" OD.  Bottom section is welded 
to a base structure on a 1/4" or 3/8" flat steel plate 21" square.  
The base plate has a hinge assembly with a counterpart plate that
is on concrete that is 3x3x?.

The center of the concrete under the plate appears to be hollow 
based upon the sound when you strike it.

The rotor mount, as it was used, is just a standard Ham'm with 
the bottom assembly on a piece of 2" pipe sticking out of the top 
section.  There is no rotor mounting plate or anything at the top.

Tower was used for many years with a KT34-XA at a very windy
QTH with no guys.

It appears to be commercially made but there are no markings.
This thing is HEAVY!  It's vintage is early 70's and I'm guessing 
it's a Triex.  But I don't remember Triex making anything this heavy 
but only 40 feet tall.

Any ideas?

Ken, K6PU


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