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Subject: Verticals
From: (James Meister)
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 13:52:25 -0500
AA9ZZ recently asked:
        Being new to the list I don't know what the current topics are but I
        was wondering if there is any information comparing or about the no
        radial verticals such at Cushcraft R-7000 or GAP.

        Anyone know where I can find something?


The best source of information is from talking to people that have such
antennas.  So, I'll put in my two cents.  I've been using the HyGain DX77
no-radial vertical for a few months.  It is mounted 5' off of the ground and
I have had excellent DX results with only 100 watts.  The vertical is built
very well mechanically, although it does have a tendency on some bands to
detune slightly when it is raining.  HyGain sent me "rain caps" but I
haven't put them on yet.  All in all, I am quite satisfied with it.

Jim, K2WU

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