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Upcoming Public Hearing

To: <>
Subject: Upcoming Public Hearing
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 04:15:53 -0500
Joe Spinosa wrote:
>Well I'm in "it" up to my eyeballs now.
>I've filed my "land use permit" application with the city of Concord, CA.  
>I've submitted and re-submitted lots of drawings etc. as per requests from the 
>planning commission staff.
>Notice of a Public Hearing has been sent to all my neighbors.  It will be on 
>Wednesday, February 5, 1997.
>I attended last month's planning commission meeting as an observer, just to 
>see how things go.  I wasn't impressed.  The chambers were packed.  Some 
>businessman wanted to put up a public storage facility on a commercially zoned 
>lot.  The town-folk showed up en-mass to protest.  The commission flat out 
>denied the request, after several hours of pretty silly commentary.  I only 
>mention this because I learned one important thing:  The commission bends to 
>the will of the people present in the room... Period!

Joe should not have to be going thru this type problem for any amateur radio
tower under some reasonable limit (at least 50', better yet 70').    There
must be a California based attorney/ham
who can go after cities such as Concord, CA.   Jim N4UCK did it around metro
Atlanta including the famous N4NX case.

geez 33' is not worth the problem....I would have gone the 89' route.   If
the Concord, CA commission can rule regardless of law then they are run by
mob not by law.  Here in Georgia
they would have been sued in court by aggressive developers AND LOST!

Its too bad the FCC is under such fire that it has almost gotten to the
place where they are only administrators...Concord certainly does not comply
with PRB-1. 

Joe, don't let a no at the meeting be the end unless you want to pack up and

73, Dave K4JRB

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