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Upcoming Public Hearing -Reply

To: <>
Subject: Upcoming Public Hearing -Reply
From: (Patrick Barkey)
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 16:58:23 -0500

What you describe is very familiar to me.  The atmosphere in the actual
hearing has a lot to do with how things are decided, at least in my

You are probably doomed, but you might try this:  contact/recruit as
many local hams as you can.  Numbers are important.  Let one or two of
the more eloquent ones stand up and say good things about amateur
radio.  Then have them all stand up (yes, it sounds corny, but numbers
are persuasive) in support of the comments.

You have a few days to try to save your petition.  You might as well try. 
Good luck.

   -- Pat

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