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Towers and Building Permits

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Subject: Towers and Building Permits
From: (Conrad Harteloo)
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 22:48:45 -0700 (MST)
I live in Arizona and in Maricopa County and not part of any city.  I have
tons of work to do to get a permit from them.  I have to assemble
engineering drawings, etc. and justify why it is needed.

My recommendation is that you make sure that what you suggest is true.  If
you assume it is and put up your tower, someone complains about it, and your
assumptions are false, you will be in a very bad situation.

Conrad   N7EN

At 10:44 PM 1/28/97 -0500, Leikhim, Joe wrote:
>Is it unusual to require a building permit to construct an amateur 
>tower? I called my local building department and was told (verbally) 
>that none was needed. I drove over and saw the plans inspector and was 
>told again the same. I asked for written confirmation and was told to 
>put the request in writing and that the director would have to approve 
>the letter stating that no permit was required. 
>Joe Leikhim
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