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Concord Public Hearing

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Subject: Concord Public Hearing
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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 11:51:36 -0700
At 06:06 PM 1/29/97 UT, you wrote:
>Since I posted my upcoming public hearing to the "Tower Talk" and "Ham- Law" 
>reflectors, things have been really busy around here.
>Overwhelmingly, two responses:
>1) Get Counsel.  Of course this is what you might expect from the Ham Law 
>reflector, but the opinion was uniform all around.  (I'm new to the Ham Law 
>reflector, and I didn't mean that as a "jab" fella's!)
>2) Don't go alone.  This is the "pack the room with hams" scenario.  People 
>had mixed feelings about this.  Generally it was thought a good idea, but it 
>can also harm you.  One ham could say something like:  "I can work the world 
>with a 72" whip on a rain gutter".  So much for your tower project.
>I'd like to do both. 
A lawyer will cost.  So will a doctor, an engineer, an undertaker, and you
Joe, expect to be compensated for your work.  But you need a lawyer and you
need a lawyer who probably will have to be educated in PRB-1 but who
understands the process that is taking place.
I would hope that the lawyer you engage will ask for an adjournment to study
the matter and let tempers cool.
You need to pack the galleries, not only with the local ham club but with
amateurs from all over the area.  And your lawyer can coordiante who should
speak and for how long.  Hams vote too, and the lawyer will play on that. 
Park your ego in your lawters office and let him or her bear the brunt of
the hearing.
Please keep both reflectors informed.
                              Stu Greene WA2MOE 
                            7537 North 28th Avenue
                          Phoenix, Arizona 85051  USA


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