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Towers and Building Permits

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Subject: Towers and Building Permits
From: (n4si)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 20:50:22 +0000
> Is it unusual to require a building permit to construct an amateur 
> tower? I called my local building department and was told (verbally) 
> that none was needed. I drove over and saw the plans inspector and was 
> told again the same. I asked for written confirmation and was told to 
> put the request in writing and that the director would have to approve 
> the letter stating that no permit was required. 

In addition to all the advice you will get concerning getting the
answer in writing, try this; ask them to issue you a permit anyway.
If none is needed, it should be no skin off their nose, and if
anything comes up later, you're covered. If one is, and they just
didn't want to check on it, you're covered. If a neighbor later 
complains, you're covered.

This actually may be easier for them than to give a "no permit 
required" answer in writing. That letter is uncharted territory for 
them, and puts them dead square in the "liable" box. A permit is 
something they do every day, therefore they should be comfortable 
with it.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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