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New CONTESTER to the List

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Subject: New CONTESTER to the List
From: (Charlie Morrison)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 97 17:51:19 est
     Hi all-
     I am new to this list. But have only read TOWER LAW
     items on the TOWERTALK reflector so far.
     As I have just successfully completed a 20+ month trip 
     through the system to get my towers approved, I will
     say that having a lawyer is important.
     Having a lawyer you can talk to is very important. Mine
     was not my type but he still cost $750 for the ZBA meeting
     alone! I did not use one after that. I wish I had known someone
     with experience in the other areas, as it would have saved me 
     time and grief.
     Next I learned that a Department of Environmental Protection
     Wetlands "Notice of Intent" is nothing like a one paragraph
     "Letter of Intent".
     Next, if you have a one year to begin construction and you have 
     other stipulations to complete(as I did with the DEP Wetlands)
     Apply for the Building permit before the expiry or request an
     I am interested in discussing:
     -Rohn 55G installation. 
     -Concrete anchor designs for use in wetlands soil (wet and BLACK!)     
      before I pay an Engineer $1000 to design one.
      Will it sink ? Is 1 or 2 or 8 yards of concrete enough?
     -CONTEST 80m/160m tower/antenna separation issues.
      Separation betweena 160 tower vertical and a 2L 80M wire yagi.
     -Which antenna to chose above a CC 402-CD ? 
      3L 40M homebrew vs. M2 3 or 4L40M vs. Mosley 3L 40 vs. Force12.
      KLM + HyGain have been ruled out. 
     -Has anyone tried K4VX's DMS ? 
     -Beverage placement vs TX ants and other Beverages.
      (As Frank says: Remember Beverage is a man's name!)
     Charlie Morrison - N1RR 
     Assistant Editor - CQ Amateur Radio Alamanc
     Ex WZ1R / KD2SX / WB2RNT 

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