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Permits ???

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Subject: Permits ???
From: (Steve Vinson)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:23:45 -0800
Hi Gang ... 

I have read the many posts about the Horrors of trying to get PERMISSION
to erect a tower over the past months.  Several post lately have
expressed similar responses to my project.  In October 1995 I purchased
a surplus tower for the State of North Carolina.  I had planned to erect
a 100' Rohn 25G before this tower purchase.  The tower is a 135' self
supported four legged tower.  Not wanting to run into the Red Tape
Jungle I called our county building inspection department.  I told them
where I lived and that I was planning to erect an "amateur radio tower"
and wondered if I needed a permit or inspection set up.  I was told if
it was not for commercial use that no permits were required.  I live in
the county on a 27 acre plot that is family owned so no neighbors to
complain.  The inspectors travel my road and have never even paid much
attention to the tower or work as it was being performed.  

As for insurance coverage I also contacted my home owners insurer and
the only question was would the tower be attached to the house.  I told
them it would not be and received the "go ahead" ... "it will be covered
under your personal property coverage."  We also had the misfortune to
test the tower foundation during the 1996 hurricane season ... it stood
firm in 90 mph winds.  Insurance adjuster never even raised and eye brow
at the tower as he surveyed the "tree damage" we suffered.

I appreciate the problems that many of you have had trying to get even
the most moderate towers up ... and am glad that I live in the "country"
and in "Eastern Wake County" in the "Great State of North Carolina".

I just wanted many of those out there that might be getting concerned
about their pending tower projects to know that some areas are lucky in
not being overly restricted.  

But to be on the safe side I have doccumented all phases of the project
both in detailed drawings and "pictures".  Good luck on your projects
and legal battles!!!    

I hope to set up my home page soon as a pictorial history of my project.

73  .... Steve

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